Eve Egoyan – Welcoming audiences to new musical experiences

“Eve Egoyan’s pianism has strengths in abundance, fully justifying (composer) Michael
Finnissy’s testimony that ‘she illuminates the music she plays; an alchemy, authenticity
and fearlessness’.”
– International Piano Magazine

Eve Egoyan is a concert pianist who specializes in the performance of new works. She is
known for her focus, command of the piano, interpretations, and unique programming
which welcome audiences into unknown territory, bridging the gap between them and
contemporary composers. Composers have a high regard for her performances of their
works, often considering them definitive. Her recordings have garnered international
Eve has performed the world première and North American premières of many works by
Canadian and international composers: Maria de Alvear, Gavin Bryars, Alvin Curran,
Michael Finnissy, Mamoru Fujieda, Piers Hellawell, Jo Kondo, Masahiro Miwa, Erik Satie,
Taylan Susam, Karen Tanaka, and Judith Weir and Canadian composers John Abram,
Martin Arnold, Allison Cameron, José Evangelista, Anthony Genge, Rudolf Komorous,
Michael Longton, Juliet Palmer, Stephen Parkinson, James Rolfe, John Mark Sherlock,
Linda C. Smith, Ann Southam, James Tenney and Gayle Young. Upcoming commissions
include works by Michael Snow, Linda Catlin Smith, Nicole Lizé (Canada Council
commission), and Nick Storring (Canada Council commission). Eve recently received a
Chalmers Arts Fellowship to explore composing for herself over the next two years
alongside her interpretative practice. Other collaborations include dance projects,
interdisciplinary performance, film work, media and sound installations.
Eve has appeared as a solo recitalist in Canada, England, France, Germany, Portugal,
Japan, and the U.S.. She has released nine critically acclaimed discs, eight of works by
living composers and one disc of works by Erik Satie. Her last two discs were selected as
“Top Classical Disc of the Year”, Globe and Mail (2011), and one of “Ten Top” classical
discs, New Yorker magazine (2009).
Eve recently performed a combined CD release and concert at Glenn Gould Studio on
April 19, 2013, Toronto, where she performed a variety of world, Canadian and North
American premières including works by Canadians Claude Vivier and Ann Southam as
well as European composers Michael Finnissy, Piers Hellawell and Taylan Susam. The
disc she released that evening called “5”, world première recordings by Ann Southam,
received four out of four stars by the Toronto Star and was the featured disc of the week
on New York’s classical radio station WQXR where it was also reviewed.
On May 23rd, Eve will be performing Surface Tension (for disklavier and real-time image) in Koerner Hall’s new festival dedicated to contemporary music practice. From June 2 – 14, she travels to the Banff Centre where she works on her own composition at the Leighton Artist Colony. For 2014/15 season, Eve has received commissions for new works by Nick Storring and Nicole Lizé – a work for disklavier and image (Canada Council commissions).

Eve studied standard repertoire in Canada (B.Mus. University of Victoria and M.Mus. at
the University of Toronto) as well as in Europe for four years on full scholarship
(Hochschule der Künste in West Berlin, DAAD scholarship, and the Royal Academy of
Music in London, England, Commonwealth Scholarship).

Her interest in music by living composers began after her first new music concert in
1994, almost twenty years ago. Working with living composers, on a modern instrument
and playing music of our time is extremely important to Eve. She intuitively feels that
these elements bring her closer to the creative source, a feeling of authenticity that she
hopes to share with her audiences.
Honours include numerous commissions and awards from the Canada Council, Ontario
and Toronto Arts Councils, FACTOR, a University of Victoria Distinguished Alumna Award, a K.M. Hunter Award, a Chalmers Award and a Chalmers Arts Fellowship. Eve is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC) and one of fifty Canadian performers and
conductors given and designation of “CMC Ambassador” by the Canadian Music Centre.

Selected Press Quotes

“2009: Ten Exceptional Recordings: The test of a great recording is whether you find
yourself temporarily unable to live without it. For certain overlapping periods this year, I
couldn’t stop listening to…Ann Southam’s immense, mysterious piano piece Simple
Lines of Enquiry.”
– Alex Ross, The New Yorker, December 2009

“…curatorial attention to concept and detail that is so apparent in every Egoyan
recital…ears made newly patient by Egoyan’s precise, elegant and highly sympathetic
performance”   – Globe and Mail, December 2008
“Egoyan’s take on new works is stunning…her clear, uncompromising taste was much in
evidence in the choice of repertoire…Egoyan’s remarkable playing balanced that delicacy
with intense focus, holding all in a net…the spaces in between the notes were still
charged with presence…I even found myself confusing sound with touch…so
convincingly had Egoyan restitched our reference points.” – Globe and Mail, 2007
“Eve Egoyan’s pianism has strengths in abundance, fully justifying Michael Finnissy’s
testimony that ‘she illuminates the music she plays; an alchemy, authenticity and
– International Piano Magazine, 2006

“Egoyan is the kind of pianist who excites the listener because of the total involvement
she displays with whatever music she perform…Egoyan’s playing seems to meld with the
piano. She is one with her instrument and at the same time she is one with the music.
Hers is an extraordinary talent that concentrates almost exclusively on modern
composers, especially living composers. She brings them to our attention as few other
pianists manage to do. These composers produce works that for the most part appear
inaccessible to the listener, but that changes when Egoyan performs their compositions.
They suddenly lose their seeming distance from our musical experience, our
surroundings, from our usual perception of what is music.
They become accessible…Egoyan, whose sensitive touch makes all four pieces take on
their own life, surprises with her forcefulness when required. It is startling, yet
refreshing, and she captures these moments to perfection.” – Lancette Journal of the
Arts, 2006
“Such a diversity of approaches enables Egoyan to display the rich variety and depth of
her performance technique. The works demand virtuosity of extremely different sorts. In
some cases, it is the capacity to play music with fast, complex passages. In others, it
may involve the ability to sustain extraordinary delicacy and quiet over a long span. Many
shadings in between these extremes are explored as well. In all cases, the pianist shows
herself a sensitive listener as well as performer, having obviously internalized the works
so that she can perform them almost as if they were her own.” – Fanfare, 2005
“Egoyan is a visionary musician and pianist who is forging a new path for contemporary
solo piano music…She has an exceptional command of the piano and a completely solid
understanding of the music. Most remarkably, she has a unique ability to interact with
and engage the audience, taking them places one never would have dreamed were
accessible through music.” – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 2005

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